Effortless BFSI management
through Kasplo’s email marketing

Improve your BFSI customer experiences through personalized updates and insights while building trust and keeping customers engaged.

Empower your customers with informative flows

Create automated flows to send pertinent and timely communication, resource conservation, and strategic insights for your BFSI success. Simplify customer onboarding, lead nurturing, and user education processes for enhanced efficiency.

Provide a personalized customer experience

Send personalized, informative emails to establish and preserve long-lasting connections. Segment your audience based on behavioral triggers to make sure your emails resonate with each recipient.

Segment your audience based on

Create an engaging inbox experience

Send transactional emails with confidence

Guarantee the confidentiality and security of your transactional emails. Deliver transaction history, balance updates, and account statements reliably, ensuring consistent and professional communication that reflects your brand’s credibility.

Excel in BFSI alongside our clients

How uFaber doubled their conversions with superior inboxing in gmail?


uFaber’s in-box ratio before the association with Kasplo.


uFaber’s in-box ratio after the association with Kasplo.

How Kapiva achieved better in-boxing and higher ROI


Kapiva’s in-box ratio before the partnership with Kasplo.


Uplifted the in-boxing by Kasplo in 45 days

Learn how Unocoin witnessed 24X more inbox placement and 10X growth in open rate.


Unocoin’s in-box ratio before the association with Kasplo.


Unocoin’s in-box ratio after the association with Kasplo.

Gmail inboxing reaches 94%, leading to a surge in revenue conversion for FabAlley


FabAlley witnessed an open rate of 37% with the help of Kasplo’s managed services.

Learn how Karnataka Bank achieved a 10X uplift in its open rates.


Karnataka Bank witnesses a 10X uplift in open rates and 20X increase in cross-selling.

Unlock your BFSI growth with our expertise

Get in touch with us to learn how to enhance your email approach by providing updates and insights for your BFSI success.

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