Send emails that boost edtech

Craft eye-catching campaigns with personalized content that entice users to sign up and enroll in courses.

Turn visitors into learners

Build flows that turn website visitors into paying learners. Use automated sequences to guide new users through their learning journey. Tailor email flows based on user actions for personalized onboarding.

Send personalized programs for
tailored learning

Use logic conditions to segment users with their interests, courses viewed, and educational background. Send tailored suggestion emails to each group for enhanced engagement.

Sort users based on

Increase course signups
and event attendees

Make signing up easy by including forms and calendar widgets in emails. Provide real-time updates on course progress and upcoming events, keeping learners in the loop and engaged.

Understand learners with advanced analytics

Get real-time data on how users interact with your emails. Use these data-driven insights to keep email campaigns more engaging and relevant to your learners. Continue improving your emails based on what works best.

Discover how our edtech strategies help
our clients win

How uFaber doubled their conversions with superior inboxing in gmail?


uFaber’s in-box ratio before the association with Kasplo.


uFaber’s in-box ratio after the association with Kasplo.

How Kapiva achieved better in-boxing and higher ROI


Kapiva’s in-box ratio before the partnership with Kasplo.


Uplifted the in-boxing by Kasplo in 45 days

Learn how Unocoin witnessed 24X more inbox placement and 10X growth in open rate.


Unocoin’s in-box ratio before the association with Kasplo.


Unocoin’s in-box ratio after the association with Kasplo.

Gmail inboxing reaches 94%, leading to a surge in revenue conversion for FabAlley


FabAlley witnessed an open rate of 37% with the help of Kasplo’s managed services.

Learn how Karnataka Bank achieved a 10X uplift in its open rates.


Karnataka Bank witnesses a 10X uplift in open rates and 20X increase in cross-selling.

Enhance enrollment growth for your edtech

Learn more strategies for increasing enrollments on your e-learning platform. Let’s work together to create personalized emails for stronger engagement.

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