Travel & hospitality simplified with
Kasplo’s campaigns

Create email campaigns to assist your customers in completing their travel bookings.

Harness eCommerce success with email campaigns

Make booking easy for your customers by automating their travel journey. Send personalized travel plans with timely and relevant offers. This streamlines processes, builds better connections, and makes customers happier, which leads to more bookings.

Offer personalized travel

Deliver custom travel suggestions by sorting your audience based on their past trips and interests. Send emails recommending places and hotels. Offer deals and promotions to get them excited about booking their next trip. 

Capture users’ attention with aesthetic emails

Grab your audience’s attention with exciting emails that match their travel preferences. Craft compelling emails with personalized travel plans, special offers, and great deals that resonate with your audience’s choice of travel.

Use pre-built templates for sending

Turn drop-offs into bookings

Understand how users behave to make sure they complete their booking. Send personalized content through email campaigns to bring users back to where they left off, guiding them to finalize their travel.

Understand your user with analytics

Spotlight on our travel client’s achievements

How uFaber doubled their conversions with superior inboxing in gmail?


uFaber’s in-box ratio before the association with Kasplo.


uFaber’s in-box ratio after the association with Kasplo.

How Kapiva achieved better in-boxing and higher ROI


Kapiva’s in-box ratio before the partnership with Kasplo.


Uplifted the in-boxing by Kasplo in 45 days

Learn how Unocoin witnessed 24X more inbox placement and 10X growth in open rate.


Unocoin’s in-box ratio before the association with Kasplo.


Unocoin’s in-box ratio after the association with Kasplo.

Gmail inboxing reaches 94%, leading to a surge in revenue conversion for FabAlley


FabAlley witnessed an open rate of 37% with the help of Kasplo’s managed services.

Learn how Karnataka Bank achieved a 10X uplift in its open rates.


Karnataka Bank witnesses a 10X uplift in open rates and 20X increase in cross-selling.

Elevate travel & hospitality with targeted emails

Utilize real-time data to craft campaigns that attract more travelers. Let’s connect and create emails to build long-lasting relationships.

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