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 Elevate inbox presence, quicker delivery and seamless brand experience with Kasplo and WebEngage duo!

Seamless integration in a single

It is quite easy to integrate Kasplo with WebEngage. With just a single click, you’re set for email marketing excellence.¬†

Navigate through customer journey:

Integrating WebEngage with Kasplo ensures rapid email delivery. With Kasplo’s high throttle capacity, messages are promptly sent to your audience’s inboxes, allowing timely communication.

Enhance audience engagement with WebEngage and Kasplo, creating personalized email experiences that drive more interactions and strengthen connections with your audience.

Leverage WebEngage’s rich customer data alongside Kasplo’s effective deliverability and real-time insights to drive more customer acquisition, retention, and ROI. Optimize campaigns for better outcomes and increased engagement.

Make WebEngage campaign success with Kasplo

Real-time dashboard

Stay informed with Kasplo’s real-time analytics dashboard. Gain quick insights and optimize your campaigns on the fly for maximum impact.

Scalable infrastructure

As your business flourishes, so does your email marketing. Kasplo eliminates sending limits and technical barriers.

Webhooks notification

Receive instant webhook notification real-time updates about your email delivery status including opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces.

Tailored support and services for WebEngage

Dedicated account manage

Showcase key review insights directly in search engine results pages (SERPs), attracting potential customers with rich snippets that enhance visibility.

24/7 support

Access assistance round the clock, ensuring help is available whenever you need it.

Domain audit

Have your domain checked to make sure your emails get to where they need to go.

Deliverability consulting

Receive advice from the experts on how to make sure your emails reach people’s inboxes.


Karnataka Bank
Creditmantri Finserv

We were facing issues with inboxing before onboarding Kasplo. Kasplo has now helped us immensely in solving this issue and we are seeing almost 2X jump in terms of open rates and the engagement by the users is all time high for us. Their support team is highly responsive and act proactively on most of the days helping us solve any sort of issues real time. Hats off to the entire team.

Nagesh HV

Manager - D2C CRM (Kapiva)

Great tool and team with lots of potential & high spirit. Engaging this tool & team is a game changer and produces very high ROI.Great Product! The cadences are extremely helpful and have saved the team countless hours of manual work.

Divakara NC

General Manager - IT (KTK Bank)

Kasplo has been a user-friendly email platform. We have been using it for 4-5 months now. The autoresponder feature is really helpful in outbound communication to all new leads. Moreover, the service from Kasplo is amazing. Their staff is well trained and adheres to the needs understanding the importance.

Akshay Jain

Assistant Marketing Manger (uFaber EduTech)

Creditmantri has been using Kasplo's email service for last 2.5 years and we are very happy with the service levels provided. The team is passionate about your success, Which is more than half the job done. Looking forward to seeing them grow to greater heights.

Nandhini Raman

Head of Marketing (Creditmantri Finserv)

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